How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

By The Fountain Clinic
January 21, 2016
Category: Procedures

How Can I Have my Tattoo Removed? How tattoo removal works.

Just because you got a tattoo doesn’t mean you need to keep it forever. The dermatology specialist, Dr. Curt Birchall, at the Fountain Clinic in Independence, OH is an expert in tattoo removal and offers the people of Cleveland solutions to the dilemma of unwanted Laser Tattoo Removal tattoos.

Your Reason for the Appointment

You have a good reason for wanting a tattoo removed, and you’re not alone. Common reasons to have a tattoo removed are:

  • Looking for or receiving a new job
  • No longer liking the tattoo
  • Wanting it replaced with a different tattoo
  • Skin is not reacting well with the tattoo
Our Reason for the Appointment

It’s very important to see an expert for tattoo removal. In fact, trying to remove self-remove a tattoo or someone else’s has been known to cause infections, serious health problems and even death, according to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.

Why not play it safe and talk with a specialist, like the caring professionals at the Fountain Clinic in the Cleveland area, about laser tattoo removal? The laser procedure involves short pulses of the laser which break up areas of pigment from the tattoo. The pulses are so quick your skin remains cool and there is no scarring.

Tattoos are placed under the skin at various depths, so it takes more than one appointment to remove them. Usually it takes 4 to 6 treatments to fully remove one. Your skin is also resurfaced to bring back its natural color and feel.

At the Fountain Clinic, you will learn all about your laser tattoo removal options, the costs involved, and results you can expect from treatment. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, because tattoo removal can be a big step.

For more information on laser tattoo removal and a full range of dermatological services, continue to explore the Fountain Clinic's website. The skilled, Cleveland-area professionals are ready to help you get rid of your unwanted tattoo permanently. Call today and get your skin back!