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By The Fountain Clinic
March 02, 2016
Category: Dermatology
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What you need to know about the vampire facelift

You want to do something about your face. You’ve noticed your skin sags and you look older than you used to. You’re thinking about a facelift, but you don’t want the downtime of two to six weeks, not to mention the cost! But now there’s a new treatment out there; it’s called the Vampire Facelift! Dr. Curt Birchall, of the Fountain Clinic in Independence, Ohio wants to help you discover the magic of the FaceliftVampire Facelift!

Aging takes its toll on your body and your face. According to the makers of the Vampire Facelift, common changes in the tissue of your face as you age are:

  • Your skin color becomes grayer due to less blood flow
  • The shape of your face collapses and droops from less muscle and collagen
  • Your skin texture becomes less smooth, making you look worn and tired

If you have any of these age-related changes, it’s time for you to think about the Vampire Facelift. It works like this:

Dr. Birchall will take a small sample of your blood. Using patented centrifuge technology, he will isolate a compound called Platelet-Rich-Plasma or PRP. It’s the part of your blood that sends stem cells and your body’s healing agents to a wound to heal it. The PRP is activated and forms a gel. Using a tiny needle, Dr. Birchall will inject the gel back into your face, along with dermal fillers like Restylane. The Vampire Facelift process restores the beautiful contours, volume, and smoothness of your face.

When you have a Vampire Facelift procedure in Independence, Ohio, you will experience:

  • Little or no downtime; conventional facelifts require 2 to 6 weeks downtime
  • No cutting or surgery; unlike conventional facelifts
  • A lower cost of around $1800, compared to $12,000 to $50,000 for conventional facelifts
  • A more natural looking, beautiful face because only your blood and a dermal filler are used

The Vampire Facelift is proprietary, and only a select group of medical providers who have been properly trained can administer the treatment. Dr. Curt Birchall is one of the select few. Aging can be hard on your face, so why not investigate the Vampire Facelift. Stop in and see Dr. Curt Birchall of the Fountain Clinic in Independence, Ohio to find out more about the Vampire Facelift. Call today and look younger tomorrow!