6 Surprising Health Benefits of Weight Loss

By The Fountain Clinic
January 30, 2017
Category: Dermatology
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Learn about your weight loss options from your Rocky River and Independence doctor.

Losing weight can improve your overall health. You don’t have to drop a large amount of weight to see changes in your overall health. weightlossDr. Curt Birchall at Rocky River Med Spa - The Fountain Clinic in Rocky River, OH and serving Cleveland, OH offers Fat Reduction with Exilis Therapy. Here are six surprising health benefits of weight loss.

1. Lower Cholesterol Level

Being overweight raises your LDL level. As LDL ("bad") cholesterol flows through   the blood, it can deposit plaque in the arteries– which can lead to stroke or heart attack. Ten pounds of weight loss can lower your cholesterol by more than 10 percent.

2. Reduced Risk for Heart Attacks

Losing weight is one of the key health factors and behaviors that keep your heart healthy. If you're overweight or obese, you don't have to get thin to reduce your risk for a heart attack. Losing just 10 pounds reduces your heart-attack risk by 50 percent.

3. Minimize Allergy Symptoms

Being overweight can worsen allergy symptoms. Added weight can strain your respiratory system and aggravate your allergy symptoms further. Lose the weight and you might actually be able to breathe easier when allergy season hits.

4. Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can cause damage to veins and arteries, which can reduce blood flow throughout the body. This may lead to heart disease, stroke and heart failure. Other parts of the body, including the limbs, kidneys and eyes may also suffer damage. Losing 10 pounds will help to lower your blood pressure.

5. Reduced Risk for Dementia

Nearly half of American adults have too much visceral fat, the belly fat that surrounds the internal organs, visible in their bulging stomachs. The fat around the internal organs contains cells that release inflammation-causing chemicals in your body, which can increase your chances of developing dementia.

6. Reduced Risk for Cancer

Obesity increases cancer risk. The reasons for this are not clear – but fat cells are highly active, releasing large amounts of hormones that can fuel many cancers. Losing weight will lower your risk of nine types of cancers.

Ready to make a change? Call Rocky River Med Spa - The Fountain Clinic in Rocky River, OH and serving Cleveland, OH at (216) 503-8517 to schedule an appointment for an Exilis treatment. Exilis uses radio frequency technology to provide deep thermal heating which will disrupt the fat and melt it. Don't take risks with your health. Being overweight increases your risk of major health problems.