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Nefertiti was an Egyptian queen known for her beautiful strong jawline and long neck, that’s always been associated with beauty.  Hence, the procedure, “The Nefertiti Neck Lift” improves the definition of the jaw and tightens the skin on the neck by using Botox.  It is achieved by relaxing the muscles under the chin with Botox. Today, you can get a sharp jawline that looks completely natural with the rejuvenation factor you are looking for.  The new Nefertiti Lift.  It is done by injecting Botox along the jawline, the platysma muscles, and the muscles that pull the muscles down, thereby allowing the muscles that work upward to act, and that creates a nice, beautiful jawline.  It takes about a week to see the jawline lifting.

The Egyptians of thousands of years ago were as determined and dedicated as some of today’s doctors.  Not only were they interested in keeping faces and bodies looking young, ( think Cleopatra and her oil treatments, milk baths, henna ) they also invented an elaborate embalming process to keep the body intact for the long voyage to eternity.  ( the pyramids are designed to help preserve the body in its earthly form for years )  While the study of the afterlife is best left to Egyptologists, I wanted to share a great moisturizing treatment you can do at home:

Kristy’s Stay Young Workshop:  Ancient Skin Preservation Moisturizing Formula

½ Cup Lanolin

½ Cup Safflower Oil

1 Tablet Vitamin A

1 Capsule Vitamin E

1 Tablet Vitamin D

Melt lanolin and mix in safflower oil.  Cool, add vitamins

By The Fountain Clinic
May 04, 2015
Category: Procedures
Tags: Vampire Facelifts  

Discover the non-invasive cosmetic procedure that could turn back the hands of time painlessly.

As we age our skin begins to lose the elasticity and volume that gives us that youthful appearance we all crave; however, just Faceliftbecause this is a natural part of life doesn’t mean you have to just accept it. You don’t need painful and extensive cosmetic surgery to revive your appearance. In fact, you can get a younger-looking you with a non-surgical procedure in Cleveland known as the Vampire Facelift. Find out everything there is to know about this new cosmetic treatment.

Q. What is a Vampire Facelift?

A. This cosmetic procedure helps to create volume in your face using your body’s own cytokines, which are found in the platelet-rich plasma of your blood.

Q. What should I expect when I get a Vampire Facelift in Cleveland?

A. The first thing we will do is draw blood, which we will then centrifuge to collect the platelet rich plasma for us in your treatment. Then we will combine the platelet rich plasma with hyaluronic acid to create the magic concoction to rejuvenate and add volume to your skin.

The PRP is then administered to the skin through a small needle. The entire procedure takes roughly an hour to complete.

Q. What skin conditions and areas of the body can be treated with a Vampire Facelift?

A. If you are looking to reduce the appearance of deep frown lines and superficial scars like acne scars vampire facelifts can help. Furthermore, it can enhance and increase volume in skin around the cheeks, chin and breasts.

Q. What is the recovery process like after a Vampire Facelift?

A. You may experience some redness immediately after treatment but this is usually minor and goes away quickly. However, there is no downtime associated with this procedure. You can return to all of your activities right after.

Q. When will I notice results from my treatment?

A. Many patients report that they see results the same day as their facelift; however, you will see your optimal results within 90 days after treatment.

Q. Will I need more than one session?

A. The majority of people who opt for vampire facelifts only need one session to obtain the results they want; however, you can opt for treat at least once a year to maintain your appearance.

Q. Who can benefit from a vampire facelift?

A. If you want to give your skin a more youthful and radiant appearance and reduce the appearance of facial lines, then a vampire facelift can help.

If you are ready to revitalize your skin’s appearance then it’s time to consider getting a vampire facelift in Cleveland. Schedule a consultation today with Dr. Curt Birchall with The Fountain Clinic.