Vampire FaceLift

The Vampire FaceLift Treatment 

The Vampire Facelift Rocky River, OH

Revive Your Beauty With The Vampire  FaceLift®

The Latest Advance In a Non-Invasive Facelift – Now Available in Cleveland and Rocky River Ohio.  The Vampire FaceLift - was developed by Dr. Charles Runels, M.D. over several years.  Dr. Curt Birchall, M.D. was trained by Dr. Runels himself in the art and technique of this procedure.  Click HERE to download a FREE brochure.

The specific results you can get are best explained in a consultation with Dr. Birchall at The Fountain™ Age Management and Aesthetics about this new face lift procedure.  The patient who will benefit most is: athletic, active, of healthy weight and has had volume loss in the face.

This cosmetic procedure can be performed on both men and women.  It is not advisable in patients who are currently smoking. This procedure is not intended to fix a sagging neck or double chin.  It does not work on excessive eyelid skin and is not meant to replace an eyelid lift.

The procedure can immediately restore volume to sagging cheeks, enhance the overall appearance of the skin after several months and reduce wrinkles.  It therefore can treat many aging skin changes by adding new collagen to the skin composition and supporting tissues below the skin.

How it Works:  The Theory and Practice of The Vampire FaceLift®

The theory behind The Vampire FaceLift is simple.  Perhaps you recall as a child, falling and scraping your knee or elbow.  The area of damaged skin was initially surrounded by a yellow, sticky substance.  This yellow substance was Platelet-Rich Plasma, or PRP.  Medical science has shown this miraculous part of the blood draws stem cells and other healing agents to a wound, like a magnet pulls metal objects towards itself.  PRP starts the healing and regenerative processes.

Unlike plastic surgery gone wrong, there is no cutting, no surgery.  This is what nature uses to heal damaged areas of the body.  Sun damage causes an aging face.  Aging is a form of damage to the skin which potentially the Vampire FaceLift can treat with this cosmetic procedure.

How It Is Done

As just explained, PRP is a part of your own blood.  Everyone has it!  A small quantity of blood is withdrawn from a vein and collected in a specially prepared syringe.  Our Magellan® centrifuge, guided by a laser, carefully separates the platelet rich plasma from the remainder of the blood sample.  The PRP that remains is highly concentrated which is exactly what is needed for The Vampire FaceLift.  The Fountain™ is one of only a few facilities in the state of Ohio with this special Magellan® PRP centrifuge.

Next, the PRP is “activated” so that it will form a gel in approximately ten minutes.  This activation and gel formation is what holds the PRP in place in the cheeks and face while stem cells and other regenerating components of blood are called into the area.  To further increase the volume-enhancing effects of the procedure, Restylane facial “filler” is also injected into the area.  Restylane® is a product which contains the same substance that gives our skin volume and beauty.  The effect is additive, the results are amazing!  Thus, nothing but your own blood and Restlyane are used.  This is one of the few cosmetic procedures that has little or no downtime.

Vampire FaceLift Cost

A typical traditional facelift which involves surgical incisions and requires substantial downtime of two to six weeks can cost anywhere from $12,000 to $50,000.  The Vampire FaceLift procedure is a fraction of that cost at $1,800.  Granted, it will not do all that a facelift would but it can make a substantial improvement in your appearance at a reasonable price.  The Fountain™ has Care Credit financing available for this and other procedures.

You can be qualified for this program within hours of application. The Results There are two phases of results.  The immediate results are increased volume and enhancement of the natural contours of the face.  The second result is regeneration of the skin as stem cells are drawn into the area injected with PRP.  Look like a better, younger, rested version of yourself!   We encourage you to bring in a picture of yourself 10, 15, or 20 years ago to serve as our map for your journey to beauty!

Best Yet – No Down Time!

The Vampire Facelift is almost painless and takes just over an hour.  Afterwards, you are ready for an evening dinner party or other social engagement without having to wait weeks to look your best.  The immediate results and long-term improvement start right away! There can be bruising and swelling, but The Fountain™ Clinic has Jane Iredale® Mineral Cosmetics which can be applied right after the procedure and purchased for home use.  Your first Color Correction Kit to cover any slight bruising is included with the procedure!

Call today to schedule your free VISIA computer-photo consult and find out if today’s newest and best cosmetic procedure.  The Vampire FaceLift is right for you!  The Fountain™ Clinic also offers many other treatments to improve your appearance and help you…

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