Laser Micro Peel Cleveland

Laser Micro Peel

The Fountain™ offers the very latest in laser micro peel.  This treatment is the equivalent of 10 micro dermabrasion sessions with very little downtime.  Typically, a laser treatment done on Friday should have no more downtime than two days, so that you can return to work on Monday with your new look.  There will be some slight redness as if you were out in the sun.  The laser skin resurfacing cost actually turns out to be less than the cost of 10 micro dermabrasion sessions!  Click HERE for our FREE brochure.

Reduce Imperfections, Spots and Wrinkles!

This laser treatment for the face is one of the most effective ways to reduce imperfections.  Our VISIA® photo computer system can analyze your skin.  This analysis is free and is a $150 value.  Based on the recommendations from your VISIA® analysis, a custom laser micro peel treatment will be performed.  You will be amazed at the results.

The Sciton® MicroLaserPeel®s the “Mercedes-Benz” of this type of cosmetic laser treatment for skin imperfections and hyper-pigmented spots.  It can also remarkably reduce the depth and appearance of deep wrinkles.  The Fountain™ Clinic is one of the very few medical spas in Ohio and in the Cleveland area to have this exceptional Sciton® wrinkle laser.

Laser face resurfacing is one of the specialized and custom treatments available at The Fountain™ Clinic. With skin resurfacing, the dull, dry upper layers of skin are removed with the laser exposing new fresh youthful skin below.  This is also known as a laser peel.  Laser wrinkle treatment around the eyes has been found to be the most effective means of rejuvenating skin in this area.  The laser is far more controllable than an acid peel and has the beneficial results of increased collagen and skin thickness on the upper and lower eyelids.

Facial laser treatment is not painful because a special custom numbing cream is used 30 minutes prior to the procedure along with a chiller which blows soothing cold air on the area as the superficial layer of the skin is treated.

Possible Treatment Areas

Face treatment is not the only possibility! Problematic skin can occur on the neck, backs of hands forearms and other areas. The same micro laser peel that works well on the face, does wonders for the neck and can treat “crepiness.” Laser pigmentation removal on the backs of the hands is essential to have the hands match the improved skin on the face and neck.

Great Results in Men Too!

Sun Damage Erased!

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