Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal With the Astanza® Laser System

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal In Rocky River, OH

If you are thinking of having a tattoo removed, The Fountain Clinic™ has the answer!  Laser removal of tattoos is now available to solve problems with tattoos that are no longer desirable or acceptable for employment.  Because the ink is at various depths, more than one treatment is required to do an effective and complete removal.  Click HERE for a FREE brochure which can be downloaded or printed.

How much does laser removal cost?

Our treatments cost is less than most other clinics in Cleveland.  Various colors of tattoos require a different laser for each color.  Many tattoo-removal clinics do not have the full range of equipment needed to remove multi-colored tattoos.  The Fountain Clinic™ is uniquely qualified to provide laser removal of all colors of tattoos.  If the skin was scarred by the tattoo process, the skin can be repaired and scars treated with our other skin lasers.  Another aspect of our aesthetic care is advanced skin treatments.  A series of treatments that, in some cases, can restore the original color and pigment of the skin.   Removal of blemishes and skin resurfacing is also what we do!  

During your consultation, various treatment options and prices are fully disclosed.  We want you to be informed and welcome your questions.  Laser removal of a tattoo can be just the start.  The Fountain Clinic™ can restore sun-damaged and aged skin to give you the look of a younger you!

Is the Treatment Painful?

Tattoo removal is about as painful as getting a tattoo.  Numbing cream is usually not all that effective because the nerves are too deep for the numbing cream to reach.  A Zimmer® Chiller is used to cool the skin almost to the point of freezing.  This works more quickly and effectively than slow numbing creams.  Some clinics inject novacaine or lidocaine into the tattoo with a needle.  Both of these anesthetics cause severe pain and disperse the ink necessitating more treatments.

Get a Tattoo Removed Now

Forget regrets about that “bad tattoo decision” made years ago!   Whether it be a new job, new marital situation, a make-over to compliment your new workout program – we are here to help erase the past!

For best results, the tattoo should be at least 3 months old.  The skin must be allowed to heal after being "assaulted" with a needle and ink.  If possible, wait 6 months after getting a tattoo before starting the removal process.  How many treatments depends on several factors:  the age of the tattoo, the depth of the tattoo, the amount of ink in the skin, the resistance of the ink to the laser.

We Can Remove Any Color of  Tattoo!
If you are comparing – ask others if they can remove all colors!  We offer the best laser removal method possible.

Check out these results!
Tattoo Removal
Before and After: No Scarring!

Tattoo Removal
Tattoo Removal

Anatomy of a Tattoo
A tattoo consists of ink or pigment inserted under the skin at various depths.  Many different kinds of ink have been used.  Black ink is usually made from carbon, the element that makes charcoal black.  Prison tattoos are made using the black ashes of paper and a sewing needle.  These generally come off quicker than professionally applied tattoos because there is less pigment (carbon) and the pigment is not deep.  Other black tattoos are made from a mixture of three primary colors of dyes: red, green and blue.  This type of ink changes color as it is treated.  The red pigment is most sensitive to absorbing the laser pulse, so it disperses first.

Many newer tattoos are made from metals and their oxides.  These provide vibrant colors, but are very difficult to remove because they are poorly heated and broken by the laser pulse.  See below for the science of tattoo removal.

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

The tattoo laser does not remove any ink.  With all laser tattoo removal, the ink is  “fractured” or broken up with a very powerful and short laser pulse.  A laser with a quick or very brief pulse breaks up the ink without heating and scarring the skin.  A white "frost" appears on top of the skin when the ink is fractured by the laser and a snapping sound is made by the ink as it is fractured.  The frost is not cold, it is just skin with microscopic water bubbles of steam in it.

The Fountain Clinic™ has the most powerful tattoo laser made: The Astanza Eternity Laser.  Once the ink is "fractured" and broken into small pieces, your body's white cells removed the molecules and pieces of ink.  The number of white cells in the area of the tattoo makes a difference on how fast it is removed.  Thus, fingers or toes are cooler than the rest of the body and take more treatments for ink removal by the white cells since circulation is less than elsewhere.  Smoking or vaping with nicotine constricts the blood vessels and reduces the circulation in the tattooed skin.  The results in the need for more treatments for complete removal. Typically, treatments are performed  every 4-8 weeks because that is when the peak amount of ink is removed after being fractured and broken into smaller pieces.

Note: Blistering is common.  Especially during the last several removal sessions because maximum laser power delivered to the deep tattoo ink.  It heats the skin and thus causes a blister.  Most blisters heal in 2-3 days and it is important NOT to disturb a blister by rubbing or rupturing with a needle.  If the blister is disturbed and scratched off, a white fluffy cloud of scarring will result in the area of the blister.  There may be a delay between treatments if a blister results, heals and the skin is still pink at the time of the next treatment.

Several Treatments Required…  Well Worth it For The Results!

You should know up front that no one can remove a tattoo in one session!   Four to twenty treatments are required for effective tattoo removal of a tattoo since there are layers of pigment at various depths.  Remember:  pigment closer to the surface of the skin is fractured first.  Deeper pigment is then treated in a subsequent treatment.   Additional resurfacing and deep pro-fractional treatment, usually not available at most tattoo-removal facilities, is then used to restore texture and color if the skin was scarred by the tattoo needle.

Get back to your life TM

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