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Free VISIA Skin Consultation!

The Fountain Clinic-The Fountain Clinic uses the VISIA system, shown above to document and identify skin problems with a free consultation.  Areas of concern are discussed and mapped. Visia skin analysis is an innovative 3D imaging of your skin- a $75 value! Visia facial skin analysis is an in-depth analysis of a person’s skin. It analyzes six specific elements to reveal the overall skin health. The six elements include: Wrinkles, Spots, Pores, Texture, Porphorins, and UV spots

Benefits of a Visia Skin Analysis:

  • Visia facial skin analysis measures the effectiveness of a particular skin treatment and checks whether the treatment is working properly. Based on the results obtained from this skin analysis, decisions are made whether to continue the particular treatment or prescribe another type of treatment in an effort to fix the issue.
  • Jenny, our aesthetician and Dr. Birchall can make recommendations on improving the health of the skin by evaluating the results of Visia facial skin analysis.
  • Visia facial skin analysis helps to determine potential skin problems before the problem grows worse. Today, both men and women consider Visia Facial Skin Analysis as part of their quarterly health regimen.

Hydrating Obagi Facial :

This 60 minute hydrating Obagi facial is loaded with benefits needed to make your skin look dewy, glowing and healthy. If your skin looks flaky and feels rough to the touch, your skin is dehydrated. Likewise if it looks more oily and dull than usual, it is also dehydrated. Those experiencing dehydration, dryness and irritation will benefit most from a hydrating facial.

Includes:  Cleansing, Toning, Exfoliation, Facial Massage, Hydrating Mask & Finish with Obagi products.  $90

Deep Cleansing/Acne Facial :

This 60 minute facial is a great way to rejuvenate your skin!  Dead skin cells are removed, pores are unclogged, blood flow is stimulated and black heads and blemishes are extracted.  Your skin will be revitalized, clean and fresh after your treatment. $125

Includes: Cleansing, Blackhead and/or Blemish Extractions, Exfoliation & finish with Obagi products.

Express Facial:

This 30 minute mini- facial is great for people on the go that need a completion boost. Suitable for all skin types.

Includes: Cleansing, Gentle Exfoliation, Mini Facial Massage, & Finish with Obagi Products. $45

Rejuvenating Facial:

Our 60 minute, anti-aging Rejuvenating Facial is designed to repair and restore fatigued, sun damaged, or mature skin. This facial improves the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles and achieves an overall healthy glow.

Includes: Cleansing,Toning, Exfoliation, Facial Massage, Anti-Aging Mask, and finish with Obagi Products.  $90

Blue Radiance Peel:

Referred to as the “lunchtime peel”, this quick chemical peel with little to no downtime exfoliates skin, and helps improve overall complexion and appearance. Provides brighter, smoother, firmer-looking skin after just 1 use. A series of 4 to 6 peels delivers the best overall results.

Blue Peel RADIANCE helps improve the appearance of the following skin concerns:

- fine lines and wrinkles
- rough, uneven skin
- blemishes
- mild to moderate photoaging

30 minutes $110


Dermaplaning is a manual exfoliation technique that removes dead skin and vellus hair (peach fuzz), producing more radiant, smoother skin. It is the perfect preparation for a chemical peel.

Benefits include:

-Removing soft facial hair that otherwise traps oil and dirt
-Providing deeper product penetration
-Encourages smoother skin
-Safe procedure
-Lessens appearance of acne scars
-Decreases the look of fine wrinkles
-Works on all skin types
-No downtime

60 minutes $90

Eyebrow Wax $15

Upper Lip Wax $15



Buy 4 Get 5 th Treatment Free + Hydrating Mask
Reg. $490   Now $360   Saving $130!

Deep-Cleansing Facial

Buy 4 Deep-Cleansing Facials, Get 5 th Facial Free
Reg. $625   Now $500   Saving $125

Hydrating Package

Buy 4 Hydrating Obagi Facials, Get 5 th Facial Free
Reg. $450 Now $360   Saving $90

Chemical Peel Package

Buy 4 Blue Peel Radiance Chemical Peels, Get 5 th Free
Reg. $550 Now $40 Saving $110

Lunch Time Package

30 minute mini-facial, a great complexion booster
Buy 4 Lunch Time Facials, Get 5 th Free
Reg. $225 Now $180  Saving $45

Acne Package

Buy 1 Deep Cleansing Facial & 2 Blue Radiance Chemical Peels, Get  1 FREE Deep-Cleansing Facial
Reg. $470 Now $345  Saving $125

Customizable Packages

Our skilled esthetician will perform a free skin analysis using our Visia system which documents and identifies skin conditions. A treatment plan will then be customized regarding areas of concern.

Buy 4 Custom Treatments, Get the 5 th Treatment FREE!

Men's Custom Facial

Men’s skin care needs differ from women's.  We've created a customized facial treatment just for the The Fountain Clinic man.  This service is a great way to improve the health of your skin and treat your specific skin concerns. From blackheads to in-grown hairs, and post-shave irritation, our male-inspired facials are a part of a healthy skin care regimen.   Call today to schedule your facial to help soothe and restore your skin.  $90

The Fountain Clinic Scalp Treatment

Scalp Treatment is available for men who shave their head and experience breakouts and irritation. The Obagi Salycilic Acid Cleanser is first used to wash away impurities and remove exess oil. Steam is then used to open the pores and an exfoliation mask is applied to unclog pores and remove dead skin cells. Treatment ends with appropriate Obagi products to soothe the skin and dry up any impurities or blemishes.  $80


Microblading has come to Rocky River.  The Fountain Clinic has added microblading to its menu of spa services.

Microblading is a 3D semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo.  Individual microstrokes are applied onto the top layer of the skin to match your natural brow hair and skin tone. Your initial procedure includes customization of your brow shape and color as well as one touch-up at 5-6 weeks after eyebrow application.

The service costs $500; price includes initial appointment (lasting one and a half to two hours) and a follow up appointment five to six weeks later. (Included in price)

The procedure lasts on average about one year.

Microblading Consultation*

Free 15-30 minute consultation.

Microblading (Initial Appointment)
$500, 2 Hours
Semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo

Microblading (5-6 week touch-up)
$0, 1Hour 30 Minutes
Initial follow up to make adjustments and add more color.

Microblading (12- to 18-month touch-up)
$250, 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Annual touch-up to keep your brows beautiful.

Shading (Microblading add-on)
$75, 30 Minutes
Creates thickness and adds density to the brow.

*Complimentary consultation required for microblading services.
$250 non-refundable deposit is required to secure Initial Appointment.

Microblading Process

1. Consultation

Your free 15-30 minute consultation can be scheduled by calling The Fountain Clinic at 216-503-8517. The consult will allow you to learn more about the microblading procedure, discuss your desired results, and go over any questions you may have. A patch test is also included to ensure there will be no allergic reaction to the pigment.

2. Initial Treatment

This appointment usually lasts about 2 hours which includes 30 minutes of numbing time. Xheni, the spa’s aesthetician and brow technician will review appropriate shape, symmetry, pigment color etc. to help establish and create the foundation for your new brows.

3. 5-6 Week Touch-Up

This is a 5-6 week follow-up appointment which allows any additional color or more density to be adjusted or fine –tuned. You can expect this appointment to be about an hour and a half. Numbing will also be included.

4. Loyalty Program (12- to 18-Month Touch-Up)

Since microblading is a semi-permanent procedure, we advise an annual touch-up to help maintain your beautiful microbladed brows. If you are a returning client, you will only be charged $250 instead of the full price of $500. If you go longer than 18 months without a touch-up, you will need to schedule an Initial Treatment again.

Microblading Pre-procedure Instructions

It’s important that the eyebrow area is healthy and non-irritated prior to your microblading procedure. Please follow the following instructions to ensure the most effective results.

  • Stop the use of any vitamin A/retinol products a month prior to initial treatment.
  • No face scrubs, chemical peels, Botox or Xeomin treatments at least three weeks prior to initial treatment.
  • Do not pick, tweeze, wax or perform electrolysis one week prior to initial microblading.
  • Do not take any natural supplements that are blood thinners at least one week prior.
  • Do not wax or tint your eyebrows in the three days prior to your appointment.
  • Do not drink alcohol 24 to 48 hours before your microblading procedure as it can cause excessive bleeding and poor color deposit.
  • Avoid working out/ sweating the day of initial treatment.
  • Do not consume coffee before your appointment.
  • Do not take aspirin, ibuprofen or any other blood thinners before your appointment.

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