Skin Tightening With SkinTyte


Skin Tightening With SkinTyte™ Treatment in About an Hour

Yes, there actually is something can be done about sagging skin on the lower face and neck!  It is called SkinTyte®   It is the best skin tightening laser treatment and it is available exclusively at The Fountain Clinic™.  Imagine sitting back for a relaxing hour of a treatment similar to a warm facial massage and having tighter skin as a result!  Dramatic, but subtle effects on jowls and loose neck skin can be yours with this laser skin tightening procedure.  How to tighten loose skin elsewhere?  We can also tighten the skin on the chest between the neck and breasts and tighten abdominal skin, loose skin on arms and legs!

Best of all, it is painless! The SkinTyte® non-invasive treatment has absolutely no “down time.”  You can return to work immediately with your new look.  Only you will know what was done!  See immediate results and then even more results in three months. This works far better than any skin tightening cream. Click HERE for a FREE, printable brochure!

How SkinTyte® Restores Firmness and Tightens Skin

SkinTyte® uses Broad Band Light (BBL) to gently but quickly heat the upper layers of the skin using intense pulses of light.  This is called “photo-coagulation.”  There is no cutting or surgery, SkinTyte® is nonsurgical skin tightening.  Photocoagulation from the infrared light “re-coils” or tightens loose collagen in the skin.  This causes short-term and long-term results.  Immediately, you will notice tighter skin with reduction of wrinkles and “jowls.”  This is from the heating of the collagen and mild swelling of the skin in response to the light energy.  New collagen is also formed as a result.  A repeat treatment in three weeks tightens the skin's original collagen and brings in even more new collagen to make the skin thicker and tighter.  It is recommended that a series of three treatments, three weeks apart be done for maximum results.

Why and How Skin Ages

Skin is composed of long chains of proteins called collagen.  It is collagen that provides the elasticity.  Firmness and texture is what we associate with young, supple skin.   As skin ages, or is damaged by ultraviolet radiation from the sun, it becomes loose and sags because the collagen lengthens.  Collagen is like a long spring.  When a spring is over-stretched, it does not return to its original length.  This is similar to what happens with damage to the collagen in the skin.  Aged skin also has less collagen which makes it appear thin.  Thin skin wrinkles deeply and sags more quickly than young skin.  After SkinTyte®, the collagen gently continues to tighten over the next three months, with the full result at the end of 90 days.  These skin tightening treatments work well and tighten loose belly skin.

How Long Does it Last?

SkinTyte® results depend on many factors. Hormone deficiencies, bad diet, sun exposure and smoking will shorten the length of the results.  Outstanding results can remain for up to 18 months to five years.  Response varies from person to person.  The procedure can be repeated every 4 months.  Multiple treatments may be necessary to get the results you desire.

What Areas Can Be Treated?

SkinTyte® can be used on any area of skin.  We do many treatments on the face, neck, arms, hands and abdomen.  How to tighten stomach skin after weight loss or pregnancy?

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Does Your Neck Look Like this? It Can!

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