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Fat Reduction Cleveland OH

The Fountain™ Clinic is proud to offer the most advanced fat-reduction and nonsurgical skin tightening treatment now available.  The Exilis® – used in Europe for years and now FDA approved, is an effective adjunct to diet and exercise to remove fat and tighten skin in problem areas such as: chin, “jowls,” arms, chest, abdomen, “love handles,” thighs and buttocks.  Lose belly fat fast!  For a FREE brochure, click HERE .

Fat Reduction Results

With some simple diet measures and 4-6 treatments, real results can be achieved.  The Exilis® is a laser body sculpting treatment that will actually melts body fat, resulting in fat loss in any area selected.  This body contouring treatment is much more effective than any laser weight loss method.  Check out these results by clicking HERE .

Dieting alone cannot tighten the skin and produce the appearance of a more youthful you.  The Fountain™ Clinic has an experienced and trained staff to help you achieve the results you desire.  Each treatment lasts only 30-45 minutes depending on the extent of the area treated.  The skin tightening is done during the same treatment as the fat reduction!

Fat Melting with Exilis®…  Who Qualifies?

If you are motivated to lose weight and want faster results in “problem areas” without worry of loose, sagging skin… then Exilis™ is for you!

No “Down Time!”

You can return to your busy schedule or travel immediately after the Exilis® treatment.  Since the laser fat removal treatment is “non-invasive,” there are no needles, no incisions or special garments necessary after the treatment.

Exilis Fat Reduction Cleveland OH
Imagine Losing Arm Fat Like This With Exilis®

Documented Fat Reduction Results

Before and after-treatment photographs are taken.  Your body weight is measured and a complimentary body-fat analysis is done prior to the first treatment.  The treatment is most effective when used with a weight-loss and exercise regimen.

Before and After Fat Reduction Treatment Cleveland OH
Take a Look at These Results With Exilis!

How Does the Exilis® Fat Reduction Treatment work?

The Exilis™ treatment uses a handpiece applied to the skin that is attached to a sophisticated radio frequency (RF) generator.  A grounding pad is applied to the back to increase the effectiveness of the RF current.  The RF current heats the fat cells and causes the fat-cell membranes and walls to dissolve.

The RF current is targeted at three levels: deep, medium and superficial for optimum results.  The superficial-layer treatment also heats the skin and tightens it.  Two effects are achieved with one treatment: fat reduction and skin tightening.

On the face, a different hand piece is used to tighten the skin only since there is no deep fat on the face as there is on the abdomen and “love handle” areas.  Four to six treatments are required for optimal results.

How Do I Prepare for an Exilis® Treatment?

Ideally, the best results are obtained by “plumping” the fat cells about an hour before the treatment.  This is done by eating a small meal and drinking several eight-ounce glasses of water.  Results will not be obtained if the above is not done or if you gain more body weight during the treatment sessions.

Exilis Aesthetic Therapy Cleveland OH
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