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Free VISIA Skin Consultation!

Rocky River Med Spa-The Fountain Clinic uses the VISIA system, shown above to document and identify skin problems with a free consultation.  Areas of concern are discussed and mapped. Visia skin analysis is an innovative 3D imaging of your skin- a $75 value! Visia facial skin analysis is an in-depth analysis of a person’s skin. It analyzes six specific elements to reveal the overall skin health. The six elements include: Wrinkles, Spots, Pores, Texture, Porphorins, and UV spots

Benefits of a Visia Skin Analysis:

  • Visia facial skin analysis measures the effectiveness of a particular skin treatment and checks whether the treatment is working properly. Based on the results obtained from this skin analysis, decisions are made whether to continue the particular treatment or prescribe another type of treatment in an effort to fix the issue.
  • Victora Kilarsky, our new, advanced aesthetician and Dr. Birchall can make recommendations on improving the health of the skin by evaluating the results of Visia facial skin analysis.
  • Visia facial skin analysis helps to determine potential skin problems before the problem grows worse.  Today, both men and women consider Visia Facial Skin Analysis as part of their quarterly health regimen.

All About Our Many Aesthetic Facials…

What Can a Facial Do For Your Skin?

Facials are a necessary part of a good skin-health regimen.

A facial modifies the outer layer of the epidermis.  Removing the layers of dead flaking skin causes a renewed growth of cells from the deeper layers.

Your pores are left cleaner, your complexion smoother, hydrated and brighter.

Superficial wrinkles caused by dryness, and environmental toxins are improved by the new skin layers that result.

No “Downtime”…

With no downtime, you are ready for your social events with an improved appearance and outlook!

Our Different Types of Facials:

  • Custom:
    Our facial treatments are ALWAYS customized to your skin type and concerns.  Facials start with a deep, thorough cleansing. Exfoliation and pore extractions are done as necessary.  A variety of masques treat skin conditions such as acne, uneven pigmentation, and sensitivity.
  • Microdermabrasion:
    Microdermabrasion is an effective and painless cosmetic procedure which mechanically removes dead skin cells, leaving skin's surface smoother and brighter!  This treatment is effective for scarring, blemishes, deeper wrinkles, and dullness.
  • Chemical Peels:
    Chemical peels penetrate into the skin itself and weaken the inter-cellular matrix.  This activity of chemical peels enables the skin to slough itself more rapidly and cleans out the lining of pores.  A variety of different peels are utilized to provide beautiful, reliable results for any skin concern.  Peels are ideal for acne-prone skin and to speed up and cell renewal in sluggish, aging skin types.

Skin Care Products:

What's your skin care concern?  Transform the look of your skin with clinically supported products that deliver. Obagi is the most corrective skin care on the market for healthy skin. Obagi offers cutomized solutions for specific skin problems such as aging, acne, dry and dull skin.   Experience the transformation to healthy-looking beautiful skin!

Improve The Way You Look With Our Advanced Facials...

The Fountain offers Customized Obagi Facials including anti-aging, hydrating, acne, and brightening.  Ask our skilled aesthetician which is best for your goals.

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