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Weight Loss Diet Cleveland Custom Results with The Diet Science™ Program

A Weight Loss Diet Will Prolong Your Active Years

Regain Your Energy, Help Take Stress Off  Your Joints!
A weight loss diet started early can make activities easier in later life.  It can decrease your chances of cancer, heart attack, diabetes, arthritis and improve your immune function.  Moderate obesity can rob you of many of the activities you enjoyed in your youth.

Excessive or morbid obesity can take years off your life since it is a risk for Diabetes Type II .  The Diet Science™ Program a new weight loss diet was developed by Dr. Curt Birchall, M.D.  It is designed to be the best diet program for safe, consistent and effective weight loss.  Whether you have 10, 50 or 100+ pounds to lose, it can be done safely with this rapid weight loss diet under the supervision of a physician, dietitian, personal trainer and weight counselor. Click HERE for our FREE brochure.

The Fountain™ uses a team approach to ensure our patients get the best weight loss success results.  Hormonal imbalance is checked for and corrected.  Education about healthy food choices along with nutritional and exercise are the tools provided to make your personalized weight loss diet program a success.

It is our mission statement and goal for your effective weight loss.  Please read the information carefully.  Not everyone qualifies for this kind of quick weight loss.  If you have been on other weight loss programs, you will agree this is one of the top weight loss and exercise regimens available.  Our goal is to teach you how to lose weight.

Who Qualifies? The Initial Interview
Motivation and good health are the most important qualifications for this program. Weight loss at The Fountain™ requires some effort, but it is not difficult.  A series of questions and a review of your medical history occur during an initial interview with your Weight-Loss Counselor.  Lab tests to make sure you can safely participate in the diet program are also performed at the initial visit.  There is a separate charge for lab tests for hormonal imbalances.

Medical Insurance:
Medical insurance can be billed for hormone testing.  Your insurance policy may or may not cover the cost of your Diet Science™ lab tests, prescriptions and supplements.

Weight Loss Diet Physical Exam by Physician and Second Interview

Based on the recommendation of the Weigh-Loss Counselor, the Physician Director of The Diet Science™ Program will review your answers to questions and medical history.  A review of the results of the lab tests and EKG is done.  This step usually takes a week.  The applicant is requested to have medical clearance from their primary care physician.   Once medical clearance and favorable lab tests results are obtained, the physical exam and initial weigh-in is performed.  The charge for the physician consultation is included in the Initial Visit Cost.

Customized Diet Plan Explained
If the results of the physical exam, lab results and EKG show the applicant is healthy enough to safely participate in The Diet Science™ Program, a diet is customized for the amount of weight reduction wanted.  A program overview booklet called the “Principles of Safe Weight Loss” is given to the qualified new patient.

Everything about the details of the program is explained to the patient.  Prescriptions may or may not be needed.  Essential supplements necessary for the best results are available at The Fountain Clinic.

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