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By The Fountain Clinic
April 24, 2018
Category: Dermatology

Exilis treatment is a nonsurgical method for reducing fat, as well as tightening loose skin. When combined with both exercise and a healthyweight loss diet, Exilis delivers improved results than is often achieved through diet and exercise alone. With Exilis, greater fat loss is possible, while also tightening skin in problem areas. For instance, loose skin in the belly, thighs, and love handle areas becomes firmer and tighter with Exilis. At Rocky River Med Spa-The Fountain Clinic, Dr. Curt Birchall is your doctor for Exilis fat reduction treatments in Rocky River, OH.

What is Exilis?

Exilis is a body contouring and sculpting treatment that melts away body fat in targeted areas. Exilis treatments utilize radio frequency energy to heat the various layers of the skin. Heating the skin causes several things to happen. Fat cells shrink, skin tissue contracts, and new collagen is produced. The shrinking of fat cells results in fat reduction, while skin is tightened as it contracts. The production of new collagen helps give the skin a healthier and more youthful appearance.

Optimal fat reduction and skin tightening results are generally achieved after between four to six Exilis treatments. Treatment sessions last between 30 to 45 minutes. There is no recovery period following treatment so you can continue with normal activities immediately after treatment sessions. Further, Exilis treatment is non-invasive and safe. Exilis treatment can accelerate and enhance the results of a healthy diet and regular exercise. Exilis is a preferred fat reduction treatment in Rocky River.

You can lose fat quickly with the Exilis treatment. With Exilis, it is possible to target stubborn areas, such as the belly, buttocks, hips, and thighs and achieve quicker results than with diet and exercise alone. Plus, the sagging skin that sometimes comes with weight loss can be tightened with Exilis treatments. To learn more about Exilis treatment, schedule an appointment with Dr. Birchall in Rocky River, OH, by calling Rocky River Med Spa-The Fountain Clinic at (216) 503-8517.

By The Fountain Clinic
December 07, 2015
Category: fat melting
Tags: exilis treatment  

Are you dealing with stubborn areas of fat on your body? Fat on the upper arms, stomach and thighs can be resistant to even the most exilisrigorous exercise routine and strict diet. For patients with this frustrating problem, the Fountain Clinic, a med spa located in Cleveland, Ohio, often recommends Exilis, a non-invasive, comfortable and effective way to reduce fat and contour these areas of the body. Dr. Curt Birchall and his staff at The Fountain Clinic in Cleveland have answered a few of the questions they often hear about this amazing fat reduction treatment.

What parts of the body does Exilis treat?

At the Fountain Clinic, your Cleveland med spa, Exilis is used to contour the upper arms, the neck, stomach, thighs, upper back and "love handles" above the waist. For male patients, it can also be used for fat reduction in the pectoral area.

How does Exilis work?

Exilis is powered by a steady pulse of radio frequency, which produces heat energy. By heating the targeted fatty areas directly below the skin (the subcutaneous layer), the fat is broken down and eventually dissolves and is absorbed by the body.

Is Exilis painful?

Part of the appeal of Exilis is that is non-invasive, meaning that there are no surgical techniques used in its application. Unlike liposuction, it requires no anesthesia and there is no downtime afterwards. Most patients at The Fountain Clinic compare the feeling to a warm massage, although mild discomfort is possible when treating highly sensitive areas of the body. The staff at your Cleveland med spa suggests drinking lots of water prior to your fat reduction treatment to prevent dehydration afterwards.

How many Exilis treatments are needed?

Typically, our Cleveland patients who use Exilis for fat reduction see a noticeable difference after two to three sessions at The Fountain Clinic. These sessions take less than an hour and can be scheduled a week or two apart. Four sessions usually produces the most satisfying results.

If you'd like to learn more about Exilis, contact The Fountain Clinic in Cleveland today to set up a consultation and start the journey to your leaner and more confident self!