When Should a Mole Be Removed?

Moles are benign skin growths that frequently appear as tiny, dark brown spots. Moles come in various sizes, colors, and textures and result from a collection of melanocytes (melanin cells that give color to skin and eyes). Although moles are frequently benign, Dr. Curt Birchall occasionally removes them for cosmetic purposes or if he deems them questionable or cancerous. We're here to let you know when it's time for mole removal in Rocky River, OH, if you have moles that bother you or change in appearance.

When Should A Mole Be Removed?

Mole removal in Rocky River, OH, may be necessary when you have one of the five indicators of an abnormal or asymmetrical mole. These include the first five letters of the alphabet: asymmetrical (A), borders (B), colors (C), diameter (D), and evolution (E). Typically, the diameter (D) of a healthy mole is no larger than that of a cotton swab. Usually, a cancerous mole will be more sizable. In contrast to a healthy mole, which has matched halves, an asymmetrical (A) mole has two halves that don't align. Our dermatologist may also recommend mole removal if it has a distinct or jagged border (B), if the color (C) is several shades of brown combined with blue, white, or red, or if it evolves (E) over time. Dr. Birchall diagnoses moles by examining and comparing them to your other moles. If he finds it suspicious, he'll suggest a biopsy for analysis. It's important to know not every mole is a cause for regard. Please consult with our dermatologist for a proper diagnosis.

Never leave a suspicious mole untreated. Our dermatologist needs to examine your mole when it increases in size, alters in color, or experiences any other changes. If you have questions or concerns about mole removal in Rocky River, OH, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Curt Birchall at The Fountain Clinic, call (216) 503-8517 or visit our website.

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