• What To Know About Tattoo Removal
    Tattoos are typically a source of great pride and are a creative way to help you express yourself, but circumstances can change and whatever the reason, if you are considering Read more
  • Are There Different Types of Acne?
    Acne affects nearly everyone at some point in life and it can be difficult to deal with. You might be looking for ways to treat your acne, but you might Read more
  • What Can Dermal Fillers Help With?
    As we age, it’s common that your skin will lose a lot of volume and start to sag, or wrinkles will form. There are ways to combat these signs of Read more
  • FAQs - Laser Skin Rejuvenation
    Technology has greatly improved over the years, giving us access to treatments that can help address all of our aesthetic and health concerns. When you’re dealing with scars and discoloration Read more
  • When Should a Mole Be Removed?
    Moles are benign skin growths that frequently appear as tiny, dark brown spots. Moles come in various sizes, colors, and textures and result from a collection of melanocytes (melanin cells Read more
  • Are There Different Types of Acne?
    Dr. Curt Birchall of The Fountain Clinic has vast experience treating all types of acne in Rocky River, OH, including, but not limited to, papules, blackheads, whiteheads, and nodules, which Read more
  • Are You Dealing With Acne?
    Discover helpful acne-fighting tips and trick to achieve clearer skin.  You’re trying to find the right way to get your acne under control, right? Well, there are certainly so many options Read more
  • The Benefits Of Dermal Fillers
    Can dermal fillers help me? As time goes by, skin becomes lax. This is a natural part of aging skin but it's not what many perceive as beautiful. Symmetrical, youthful and Read more
  • Dealing With Irregular Skin Pigmentation
    Brown spots and skin discoloration are frequent complaints for many people. The most common form of irregular pigmentation is hyperpigmentation, a condition in which patches of skin become darker in Read more
  • What is Psoriasis?
    What is Psoriasis? Have you been experiencing bumpy, white-scale-topped patches of red skin erupting over certain parts of your body? These itchy, sometimes painful plaques could be the result of an Read more
  • What are Spider Veins?
    At some point during our lifetime most of us will develop spider veins, those tiny little purple, red or blue web-like lines that are the result of twisted blood vessels. Read more
  • Everything You Need to Know about Keratosis Pilaris
    Could those rough, white bumps actually be Keratosis Pilaris? If you are dealing with rough patches of skin on your body, then you may be dealing with a condition known as Read more
  • Identifying Your Skin Type
    Learn the best way to care for your skin based on your skin type. Just like fingerprints are unique to each individual person, so too is our skin. So what kind Read more
  • The Benefits of Botox
    The Benefits of Botox Want to erase the signs of aging this year? Millions of men and women are discovering the benefits of BOTOX treatments. BOTOX is a medicine that is Read more
  • What are Hives?
    Discover more about this common skin condition, and what you can do to treat your itchy symptoms. What are hives? What are the symptoms of hives? Also referred to as urticaria, hives Read more
  • What is Lupus and How Does It Affect Skin
    Find out what this autoimmune disorder means for your skin health. According to the Lupus Foundation of America, approximately 1.5 million Americans and five million people globally have some form of Read more

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