Age Management – The Fastest Way to "Get Back To Your Life™"

Age Management and it’s benefits… You have arrived!  Fom the moment you enter, you will find The Fountain™ is a unique medical practice and Spa dedicated to increasing your well-being and looks.  The Fountain™ Age Management and Aesthetics Clinic is a medical practice based in Rocky River near Cleveland, Ohio specializing in hormone replacement therapy, facial rejuvenation , body contouring and aesthetic skin care.

We Do More Than Just Hormone Replacement Therapy and Age Management!

The Vampire FaceLift®

The Fountain™ Clinic is the first practice in Northern Ohio to offer The Vampire Facelift®, a non-surgical corrective and enhancement procedure that uses the patient’s own growth factors in their blood to rejuvenate the face.  Unlike a traditional facelift which requires invasive surgery and an extended recovery period, The Vampire Facelift® is performed in under an hour with no downtime and minimal pain.  Coupling an injectable filler such as Restylane® or Juvederm® with the patient’s own natural growth factors in their blood, The Vampire Facelift® reduces facial creases, folds and wrinkles.  It provides a more youthful appearance almost immediately.

Sciton® Laser Micro-Peels, SkinTyte®

The Fountain™ Clinic has the Sciton® Joule Laser System which can resurface, tighten and rejuvenate skin on the face or anywhere on the body.  The results of the procedures done with this laser are outstanding and amazing.  Please call us for a free consultation to see how the Sciton® laser can be used to make you look years younger.

The Priapus Shot®

The Priapus Shot® is available at the fountain clinic.  This amazing procedure uses the body’s own healing factors in the blood to produce a firmer, larger and better functioning penis.  It can restore function in those with prior prostate surgery and other medical conditions.

Tattoo Removal

The Fountain™ Clinic has the Astanza® laser tattoo removal system.  This is the most effective laser tattoo removal system available. We can treat all colors of tattoos.  We offer a military-personnel discount for those who wish to join the military and our hindered by a tattoo on the face neck forearm or hands.

The Fountain™ Age Management and Aesthetics Clinic was founded by Dr. Curt Birchall, M.D., a physician who is Board Certified and Fellowship-trained.   He was trained by the American Association for Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M).  The Fountain™ specializes in bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), Botox® Cosmetic, Massage, Liposuction, Facial Fillers, Laser Skin Rejuvenation, and of course, The Vampire Facelift®.

Call 216-503-8517 to schedule your Age-Management consultation and to learn more about your local Cleveland, Ohio Bioidentical Hormone Doctor, Dr. Curt Birchall, M.D

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